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Sidelined Last Year by Covid-19, The Met Gala is Returning Twice, Both Exploring American Fashion

What Will Celebrities Wear?


Time moves forward and we find ourselves getting back to normalcy or at least what we can call our new normal. After a year of working from home, cancelled events and closed movie theaters, it has been announced that the beloved Met Gala will be returning for two events this year! I'm sure this event will be epic much like all the previous years because we are making up for lost time. It's time to laugh have a drink or two and have an amazing time watching the new fashion of designers. Since my invitation is probably lost in the mail, I'll for sure be watching celebs sashay down the red carpet from the internet. I'm not sure Lady Gaga or Lupita Nyong'o can top their outfits from years prior but it all remains to be seen!

Since we're being completely honest here, I can't tell you the first thing about fashion, let alone "high" fashion. I'm more of a style girl. More times than not you will see me walking down these New York city streets in some fitted jeans and sneakers. Hair big and makeup done. Fashion, however, I've always seen as a work of art. I believe that's what it's intended to be. Designers spend months on end putting together some amazing works of art and have famous people wear them. As with any good piece of art, they captivate me and inspire me to find clothes aside from jeans and occasional dresses and skirts.

With the additional event taking place this year, I can barely contain my excitement for what's to come! This year's theme will be a focus on American fashion for both events. We have the traditional date of the event taking place on the first Monday in May and the next event will be held in September. Who knows what designers will come up with this year but I am delighted to celebrate art and the spirit of philanthropy as we shouldn't forget this is a fundraising event. The Costume Institute receives its primary funding from this gala and it will celebrate its 75th year anniversary this September.

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