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Save Our Shows 2021: Is Your Favorite Series Cancelled, Renewed or 'On The Bubble"?

Missed And Beloved TV Shows

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USA Today posted a poll on April 15th, 2021 and asks what shows we would like to see get renewed and acknowledges which shows will be back for a new season, which will not and which are still in limbo.

I could be here all day giving you the laundry list of shows I miss that are no longer on air. It breaks my heart to think about it but such is the business of show business. Whether audiences are not offering up good ratings and/or high budgets for a new season would prove to be too risky some shows are not returning for our viewing pleasure.

Schitt's Creek is at the top of my list of missed TV series. This show had something beautiful and interesting to offer that we don't often see showcased in television. This show is about a rich family who lost their wealth and finds the only thing they are left to keep of their assets is a small town called Schitt's Creek. The experience of the family living in this town helps the character become more evolved on a human level when they are forced to have a slice of humble pie. It's funny, light-hearted and it ever so subtly helps to shift a narrative around the wealthy, members of the LGBT+ community and everyday people in a very non-preachy way.

Bojack Horseman is another big favorite of mine. I happened to have stumbled across some videos on YouTube explaining what this show was all about. I never thought it was possible to relate to a deeply depressed, alcoholic horse who has a washed up career in Hollywood or a workaholic cat who longs for a family to pair with her career but anything is possible. This is a show about the human experience in animated form where animals speak and live their crazy lives.


In all it's absurdity, Bojack Horseman has heart and we connect to these characters in their bouts of joy, loneliness, feeling of loss, their constant search for more in life and their need to constantly distract themselves from dealing with their true thoughts and emotions.

Lastly, I'll add Altered Carbon and The Carmicheal Show as honorable mentions. All of these bodies of work can currently be viewed on Netflix and Hulu.

What do you miss?

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